Trendsetter Releases Controversial Calypso Song

Narrin Murphy better known as “Trendsetter”

With the calypso season set to begin as Christmas ends, some calypsonians are busy putting the final touches to their songs, while others are still in the writing process.

However one calypsonian says he is ready for the 2013 Calypso Season as he released what some may say is a controversial but necessary song.

Narrin Murphy better known as Trendsetter says that he always wanted to get involved in calypso, but thought it was for more grown people until one day he tried it out as a joke and has been hooked since.

Mr. Murphy says the inspiration for this song came about as he is a jovial calypsonian who like whit and satire, and when he works with re-owned calypso writer Mr. Pat Aaron the creative thinking is always at a high.

He says Mr. Aaron gave him the popular song “Judge Judy” for the 2012 calypso season and this time around his new song is expected to do just as good or even better for 2013.

The calypsonian pointed out that his writer Mr. Pat Aaron got the idea for the song on the “Farmers Radio Programme” which features farmers Mr. Whitnel Luis, Mr. Fenton Telemaque and Mr. Randy Aaron.

He says these farmers have been instrumental in the song’s birth through their cries. He stated that   farmers and the agricultural industry have been left behind and they are not getting the necessary support they need.

He says, if seems that the Government is made up of male paw paw tress which does not produce any fruit.

Narrin Murphy better known as “Trendsetter”

Mr. Murphy pointed out that before calypso was straight forward, but now he brings an excitement and creativity to the calypso arena that was missing and is much needed, so all who attend can enjoy themselves, from children, adolescents to the grown folks.

He said although he has not heard the completion songs as yet, he is putting 100% effort to ensure he makes it to the finals, especially as he is quite comfortable with the material he was given this year.

Mr. Murphy stated Dominicans should look out for him with this new song which will not die.  He says it is one that can play long after the calypso and carnival season has passed.

Trendsetter is known for songs such as “Ready-Made Jacket”, “Judge Judy,” and now “Espoir Mal Papai”.



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