Trevor Vivil Sentenced to 7 Months Imprisonment

court3.jpgCharges of theft and burglary was filed against Trevor Vivil from Riverbank Roseau.

Between the 4th and 5th of August 2012, the defendant was spotted at Mr. Skerrit George Electronics store at 54 Oldstreet in Roseau, where Vivil allegedly stole; 1 portfolio DVD leader, 1 USB, 1 stereo speaker and a 12 volt power supply coming to the amount of $506.00.

On Friday 3rd, the complainant realized that the window located on the western side of the premises was opened and the items mentioned were missing.

Also, a stick with 2 hooks attached to both ends was found.

Members of the police force went on patrol around the area and found the defendant on Hillsborough Street and when he was informed of the report made against him he said “officer I do not know anything about that”.

When the defendant was brought against the complainant at the premises, Vivil stated that it was not him. He was then arrested on suspicion.

When asked by Magistrate Evelina Baptiste is there anything the defendant would like to say, he replied “He Is willing to repay everything he stole and he would like the magistrate to be lenient towards him based on the charges.”

Magistrate Evelina Baptiste say business owners are beyond frustrated of the amount of theft that is taking place in communities and she needs to take that into consideration. In addition, she mentioned although the defendant has previous charges that are 10 years old and he did not waste the court’s time by pleading guilty she will also take this into consideration.

Vivil was sentenced to 7 months imprisonment.

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