Trinidad Consultant Calling for Re-Opening of Canefield Airport

Canefield Airport

Reviving the operations at Canefield airport is one of the strategies which might be considered as the Discover Dominica Association (DDA) is seeking ways to improve access to the island.

This idea came from Trinidad consultant of Ecperial Management Services, Mr. Ian Bertrand, who said if one wanted to minimize portal time one should really take advantage of the two airports, and ensure that they are more effectively utilized.

Currently there are no regular flights at the Canefield Airport which was popular with air travelers not in favour of the long journey to and from their homes, when coming in or leaving via the larger Melville Hall Airport.

Trinidad consultant of Ecperial Management Services, Mr. Ian Bertrand

Mr. Bertrand says that Dominica has two broad markets which are the Regional and the International market, which are both very important.

He said that part of the revised access plan is to further expand both markets, to take advantage of the opportunities they both provide to the tourism industry.

The Consultant also pointed out that the airlines of the Caribbean play an essential and equally valid role in the development of tourism in Dominica.

Canefield Airport Runway

Mr. Bertrand said that this can only work if the airline companies namely LIAT and the ferry services, cooperate to both improve access to Dominica to the point that is an advantage to tourism.

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