Trinidad Mayor Blasts Bahamas Gambling Shops

Louis Lee-Sing, the mayor of Port-of-Spain

A senior local government official in Trinidad and Tobago says gambling establishments or “web shops” should not be legalized in The Bahamas, while suggesting that the ruling Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) create its own national lottery.

Louis Lee-Sing, the mayor of Port-of-Spain, is of the view that gambling houses should not have been allowed to function in the first place.

While The Bahamas has the potential to generate billions in revenue, gambling must be transparent and compliant with the law, and the best way to achieve that is through an online national lottery.

Mr. Sing added, the web operators could very much be a part of the national lottery, as if they are taking bets now for other kinds of games, they will be permitted to take bets for the lottery by putting in a terminal.

In that way he said they would not have control over the terminal, and they will not be able to fix the numbers or the games.

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