Trinidadian supports Sernel in the launch of his debut album

Local gospel artist Sernel Florent is promising patrons ‘a blessing’ on July 3rd, at the Old Mill Cultural Center, when he launches his debut album, ‘Lend a Helping Hand’. He said that much work has been put into the album launch, while his second album is in the making.


“It’s all about Sernel gospel album launch this Saturday, July 3rd. Things are well underway, everything is getting organized. People can expect a big, great album launch”, Sernel said.


One of the persons who will be featured at the album launch will be Quincy ‘Q’ Richardson of Trinidad and Tobago. Sernel said that he feels honored to have Q’s support in this venture.


“I must say I am indeed happy to have Q on board with me. I met Q in Trinidad, not too long ago and I told him about the album. He was very excited about coming to Dominica because it’s like his second home. And he’s very excited to be back here for my album launch”, Sernel added.


Q, who has been singing gospel music for well over 13 years will soon be launching another album entitled ‘New Life’. He called on Dominicans to support Saturday’s event.


“It’s going to be tremendous, fantastic, dynamic, it’s going to be a heaven of a show! It’s a great pleasure to celebrate with Sernel, to celebrate with Dominica. I am overjoyed, I am expecting God to do great things. We want everyone to come down, whether you love God or you don’t love God. We just want to bring Ministry to you on that night” Q concluded.

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