Triple Global to be featured on Trace TV


One of Dominica’s most popular bouyon bands; Triple K Global will soon be featured on one of the biggest video music channels in the world.


And no, I am not talking about RE TV or Tempo neither BET but Trace TV, which is a French music video television network that is devoted to playing urban contemporary music videos.


Manager of Triple K Global Mr. Emile De Pooter says they are now in the process of recreating a few of their videos which will hopefully be aired on Trace Tv.


Mr. De Pooter was also proud to announce that the lead singer of Triple K Global Wayne Benjamin who goes by the stage name of Mr. Benji N2O will be touring France later this month while the band’s leader Kendell Laurent is currently undertaking an assignment in the neighboring French island of Guadeloupe.


Trace TV, which is the most popular music video channel in the Sub-Saharan African continent recently launched a new channel; Trace Sports in January 2011.


Along with its sister channel; Trace Tropical, Trace TV is available in 150 countries on various cable and satellite pay television platforms.


According to Mr. De Pooter, the band had to turn down several local offers due to their regional and international commitments.


The band has also released a new DVD of their recent tour of Belgium.


Mr. De Pooter says despite a few glitches he is quite pleased with the finished product.


In addition to the three songs that were released by the band last week, the band is expected to launch about seven (7) more songs in the coming weeks.


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