Triple Kay Band Member Clears the Air on HIV Rumours

Even after facing pressure by members of the public, Triple Kay Band member Mr. David George better known as ‘Tazzy’ says, he will not apologize to the members of a group of young ladies from Roseau, after using indecent language towards them at a recent Triple Kay show.

Some Members of Presidential Click

Some Members of Presidential Click

The young ladies, who call themselves ‘Presidential Click’, were said to have spread rumours that the singer contracted the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which they indicated, was the reason he had lost a significant amount of weight.

Mr. David George better known as ‘Tazzy'

Mr. David George better known as ‘Tazzy’

However Mr. George revealed, that the reason for his weight loss is not of that nature, but that he was recently diagnosed with Diabetes.

Mr. George said, the only people he will apologize to is the public, the children who were at the show, the promoters, and the organizers of that show, but he will never apologize to the Presidential Click because ‘what is done is done’.

He reminisced on an incident which really broke him down as a man and made him realize how far the rumour about him had spread.

Member of the President Click Ms. Sherlyn Xavier

Member of the President Click Ms. Sherlyn Xavier

When contacted, the member of the Presidential Click who, Mr. George mentioned came to the barbershop and apologized to him stated, she does not know anything about spreading any rumours about him.

Member of the President Click Ms. Sherlyn Xavier stated, when she confronted her friend, who it is alleged, spread the rumour, she denied doing so and also denied ever going to the barbershop to apologize to him about the matter.

Ms. Xavier said as a result of this incident, she has decided to cut ties with the Presidential Click as she is a positive young lady, who is working hard as a Hospitality & Tourism Major at the Dominica State College to create a bright future for herself.

footage (2)Another member of the Presidential Click, Ms. Kayzia Scotland stated, based on what she knows, the group suffered the consequences of the action by one person in the group ‘and that is not fair’.

“Tazzy know who the culprit is and I think he should have addressed her individually and not the group.” “I am fed up, and as the saying goes, ‘show me your friends; I’ll show you who you are’ therefore I made the decision to no longer be a member of Presidential Click, “she added.

She went on to say when the group was originally formed; there was never any intention of defaming anyone’s character.

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