Truckers Get Paid after Seven Month Delay

600-dump-truck02After seven challenging months of not receiving payments for work carried out on the pond case to Melville road project, the truckers from the tipper truckers association were finally paid on Friday July 26th 2013.

Treasurer of the Dominica tipper truckers association, Mr. Amos Fabien stated he received a call from the ministry of finance saying; the checks have been transferred to their bank account.

“We are happy that we could get our first payments for the months of January, February and March and i hope we will get the rest very soon,” Mr. Fabien noted.

He said although there are some calculations to do for various deductions including diesel, they received over ec$500,000.00 out of the over one million owed.

Mr. Fabien noted, there are still some truckers who have not been paid, as invoices that were not presented in the first batch, must now be submitted.

He said even after staying away from the job since May 2013, receiving this money does not guarantee they will return to work anytime soon.


Treasurer of the Dominica Tipper Truckers Association, Mr. Amos Fabien

He said Jacques Ghardharkhan Efis who is the head contractor of the project says, he has not received any payment, so the diesel they need to continue the project is unavailable.

However secretary of the Dominica tipper truckers association Mr. Revillius St. Rose explained, they are still not 100 percent satisfied and he would have loved it, if they would had received all the monies owed from January to May 2013.

He added, if the contractor does not agree to provide them with fuel for their vehicles, they will not be able to report back to work.

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