Truckers On Strike

strike.jpgWorkers from the Pond Case’ to Melville Hall road project have appeared to be on strike.


Treasurer of the Truckers Association Mr. Arthur Shillingford says the workers have not received any wages from the month of February until now.


Mr. Shillingford stated that this situation is beyond difficult and frustrating seeing that the workers do not have enough money to sustain.


He says from what he understands, a meeting was held with the Minister as well as the Parliamentary Representative of Galacan and as a result, the Government is not able to pay the workers.


Mr. Shillingford mentioned that he has been calling the Parliamentary Representative of Galacan, yet the situation remains the same.


He added that the Parliamentary Representative stated that he has not received any money from the Government and this is having a huge effect on the workers and their performance.


Mr. Shillingford believes that the workers should work together to get a better result. He says they all work as a team and when the executive manager is not pleased, the rest follows.


Mr. Shillingford says he wants to continue to work and he needs the money owed to him.

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