True Sustainable Development with the Launching of CARICOM Airways


The launching of CARICOM Airways promises cost effective island hopping, connecting Member States from Belize in Central America to Suriname in the South American Mainland.


That’s the confirmation that was made at the launching of CARICOM Airways, at the Canefield Airport earlier today, December 13th.


The fleet consists of British Built Britten Norman Islanders, eight seaters which are more cost effective in comparison to the commonly used Dash-8 Aircraft.


Chief Executive Officer of CARICOM Airways, Rory Chin-A-Kwie says the key to this strategy of using the Islander Aircraft is frequency, since flights will be available every two hours.


CARCOM Airways will introduce scheduled services from January 2011 among various destinations within the Eastern Caribbean; however they have decided to begin the first route between Saint Lucia and Dominica.


Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation for Saint Lucia, Senator Allan Chastanet says the bigger countries are becoming less sympathetic and we should view ourselves as being one region, holding hands for our development in that regard.


He added that the difference between other failed aircraft companies and CARICOM Airways points to careful planning, which will in turn, benefit the government and people of saint lucia and the wider Caribbean.


Dominica’s Minister for Tourism and Legal Affairs, Honorable Ian Douglas echoed the sentiments of Senator Chastenet, outlining the importance of the countries of the Caribbean, coming together as one.


He believes that, in the Caribbean, we should not compete with each other, but instead compliment each other.


The cost for a ticket to Saint Lucia from Dominica will be approximately $50-$75 US.

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