Tsunami research Team on Island


As part of a regional project, the Seismic Research Centre (SRC)and the Institute de Physique du Globe de  Paris (IPGP)are on island to secure new equipment that will enhance tsunami monitoring and alerting capabilities in the Lesser Antilles.

The project was conceived almost four years ago and is now being conducted under the watchful eye of IPGP and the Seismic Research Centre in Trinidad & Tobago with more than 60 years’ experience in the field.According to Lloyd Lynch, Research Fellow at SRC, the Indian Ocean Tsunami which took place back in December of 2004, brought to the world’s attention the need for early warning systems to detect tsunami activity.

The equipment will be installed at Salisbury to monitor earth movements such as slow earthquakes. Slow earthquakes are earthquake-like events that release energy over a period of hours to months,ofcausing major  tsunamis. There are four working groups including; warning guidance and detection, monitoring, hazard and impact assessment, communication as well as dissemination and preparedness – all charged with the responsibility of establishing tsunami monitoring systems throughout the Caribbean.

The overall cost for the project is Euro $2M with about $58,000 allocated for the installation in Dominica. There will be a subsequent news cast, where SAT TV will take you on a tour of the facility where the equipment will be stationed


Tsunami waves approaching land


Tsunami waves crashing against hotel

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