Turks and Caicos Corruption Allegations Still Unresolved

Derek Taylor

Public allegations of corruption made by former Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) leader Derek Taylor at the party’s convention in June against newly elected leader Oswald Skipping’s may pose something of a dilemma for the Commission due to candidates contesting the November 9 elections in the Turks and Caicos Islands are not required to obtain any prior clearance from the Integrity Commission to run.

Both Skippings and Taylor are “at large” candidates for the PDM at the forthcoming elections and the Integrity Commission, and perhaps the interim government in general, is therefore faced with a situation where one candidate has accused another candidate of corruption.

It is impossible for both to maintain the required standard of integrity in maintaining their respective positions in the matter.

In the presence of some 150 people, including 71 party delegates at the PDM convention, ousted leader Taylor claimed that, while he was chief minister (1995-2003), the then British governor asked him to fire Skippings as a government minister.According to Taylor, British officials told him that Skippings had taken a bribe from Warren Johnson,

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