Turks and Caicos Election Results Confirmed

Next Premier of Turks and Caicos Islands, Mr. Rufus Ewing

Following a recount of the votes  in the Turks and Caicos elections, for by the initial results have been confirmed, with the Progressive National Party (PNP) winning eight seats and becoming the largest party in the House of Assembly.

The leader of the largest party, Rufus Ewing of the PNP, will now write to the governor stating that he believes that he can form a government. The governor will then request the names of intended ministers and portfolios.

The governor will also propose the date of the first Cabinet meeting, which is intended to take place this week. The governor chairs Cabinet. Before the Cabinet meets, all members of the cabinet will be sworn in. This is intended to be on Wednesday. Non-elected members of Cabinet are: The governor, deputy governor and attorney general.

One of the agenda points for this first cabinet meeting will be the need to decide a date on which to recall the House of Assembly. A provisional date has been set for this, but is subject to confirmation by Cabinet, that of Monday, 19 November 2012.

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