Turks and Caicos to Resume Deporting Haitians

Haitians in the Process of Being Deported

It was announced by the Ministry of Border Control and Labour in the Turks & Caicos Islands that the moratorium on deportation to Haiti has been lifted by that territory Government.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) appealed to governments to suspend temporarily all involuntary returns to Haiti after the Haitian earthquake in January 2010.

As well as to grant interim protection on humanitarian grounds to all those that had left Haiti, until the situation there had stabilized and basic services had been restored.

The deportation of illegal migrants already in the TCI, except for those arriving illegally by sloop was suspended by the TCI government.

All other nationals continued to be treated in accordance with the law throughout this period.

UK ministers have been consulted about this decision, and support it, on the understanding that all deportations from the territory are subject to due process of the law.

The UK will continue to provide the TCI government with technical assistance to support more effective border control and enforcement. Persons can be removed from the TCI only by lawful deportation under the Immigration Ordinance.

This will either be on the basis of having been convicted in a court of law of a criminal offence, and recommended for deportation by the court, or by administrative deportation, in which case they will be given due notice of the intention to deport them.



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