Twelve Calypsonians Advance to Calypso Quarterfinals

Sherian "Electra" Letang

Sherian “Electra” Letang

After a night of fierce competition at the Calypso Eliminations on Saturday December 22nd, twelve Calypsonians were selected to advance to the quarter finals in January 2013.

The show was held at the Krazy Koconuts was well attended by Calypso and music lovers.

Female Calypsonian Sherian Letang, the wife of veteran Calypsonian and Musician Daddy Chess, whose calypso name is Electra, made it to the next round.

The second female, 2012 QTS Song Contest Winner Rachel Jno. Baptiste, who goes by the calypso name Rachel, sang a song titled “The Disappearing Boys”.

The two female competitors are among four newcomers in the twelve who have been chosen for the 2013 quarter final.

Rachel Jno. Baptiste

Rachel Jno. Baptiste

The other newcomers are Kris B and Shadow Flow popularly known as Skinny Bantan, is known for his Boyoun Music but is a rookie to Calypso.

The ladies had no stage fright while performing, as Ms. Jno.Baptiste has performed in singing competitions while Mrs. Letang was the former lead vocalist of Fanatik band.

Other Calypsonians who successfuly made it to the quarter final are Beno, Daddy Chess, Deros, Man Himself, Ghetto Prince, Trend Setter and Lady Star.

Kelly Williams also known as Ras Kelly was a crowd favourite, as he dusted off his microphone and made a successful comeback so far.

Calypsonians such as Exposer, Della, Lightning, Sugar S, Twana, Son of the Saint, Big Jeff, Intruder, Lady B, Third Eye and Mignty DBS who have been popular in the past, were not successful this time around in the competition.

Three stand by Calypsonians were also selected in the event that someone was to pull out of the quarter final.

About 70 calypsonians participated in the Eliminations competition.

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