Twenty-five individuals to participate in the DFA five-day referees advanced course



Twenty-five individuals are expected to benefit from a five-day referees advanced course which got underway at the Patrick John Football house in Bath Estate, on Friday November 26th, 2010 under the theme, “for the good of football.” While addressing the official opening ceremony, General Secretary of the Dominica Football Association (DFA) Clifford Celaire encouraged the participants to make maximum use of the opportunity and utilize the information that will be provided to them. Mr. Patrick John, President of the DFA said that presently, there is an immediate need for men of integrity in the country as he sounded a call to the participants to place integrity at the forefront in the execution of their duties.


He said, “I speak of the question of honest desire and as you can see the members here are equipment with all the materials needed to successfully accomplish this course. This indicates the honest desire of CONCACAF and FIFA in bringing development to referees in Dominica.”


FIFA Assistant Development Officer in Port-Au-Prince, Newton George said that FIFI is indeed fascinated by the large number of individuals who have expressed interest in the course.


“Someone made the statement that the future of sports is women and we have picked up that challenge to correct the gender imbalance in sports across the Caribbean,” said George.


The twenty-five participants include Matthew Walsh, Rhomi Blanc, Michael Lewis, Kirby Pascal, Matthew Augustine, Samuel Maxime Jr, Floyd Capitolin, Shacem Stoute, Cesar Gabriel, Felix George, Marlon Xavier, Ryan Joseph, Fitz Frederick, Johansn Bridet, Lynworth langlias, Jason Bernard, Pascal Gasper, Rhona Daniel, Curtis Jules, Artherly Frederick, Ted Cuffy, Albert Faustin, Erickson Degalarie, Lena Luck and Janelle Blance.

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