Twenty- Six Year Old Father Pleads with the Court

accesstojustice_2A twenty- Six year old father of two pleaded with the court not to impose a custodial sentence for the charge of theft and malicious damage as he is the one responsible for caring for his family.

Lian Pascal of Grandfond stood before Magistrate Bernard Pacquette on August 28th and pleaded guilty to the charge of theft.

According to the information revealed in court, on the 22nd of August, Lian Pascal stole one bottle of black label whiskey valued at $169.52 and one apple IPod valued at $924.00 from Kendell Durand his employer of eight years.

The facts of the case stated that on August 22nd Mr. Durand brought the defendant to clean his house in Giraudel, however at approximately 2:30 pm Durand returned to check up on the Pascal.

On arrival he noticed the glass of the northern window was broken and there was no sign of the defendant.

On Monday August 26th based on the complainants own investigations, he reported the incident to the CID Department and informed them of the broken window and his iPod and a bottle of black label were missing.

Constable Etienne J. met the defendant and informed him of the accusations against him, he was then searched and a bag was found with the stolen items.

The defendant was cautioned and arrested on suspicion of burglary. He also admitted to entering the complainant’s house without permission.

Mr. Pascal was remorseful for his actions and told magistrate Pacquette he would no longer engage in such activities.

Magistrate Pacquette however was not affected as Pascal is a repeat offender for similar charges.

He told the defendant to stay away from trouble and the next time he will not be so lucky.

For the charge of theft Pascal was charged $1500.00 to be paid by September 27th or in default two months imprisonment.

He was charged $500 for malicious damage to be paid within a one month period or in default spend one month in prison.

The Defendant was also ordered to pay compensation of $150.00 or in default spend one week in prison.

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