Twenty Young Ladies Successfully Complete Camp Glow Programme


Students who participated in the Camp Glow and Better Me, Better You Summer Programme

The first annual Camp Glow graduation in collaboration with the Better Me, Better You Programme, conducted by Dr. Petier St. Jean, came to a close at the Holy Redeemer Retreat House in Eggleston, today August 23rd.

20 young girls participated in the Camp Glow programme, which ran for 5 weeks; while the Better You, Better Me programme ran for two weeks.

Camp Glow Councilor, Ms. Kari Katts, says the idea for this camp was not a new one; it started many years ago, by another Peace Core volunteer in Romania and has since expanded throughout the world, varying in age and different topics for each country, based on its need.

For Dominica, the camp focused on leadership and HIV AIDS.

According to Ms. Katts, they wanted to create a safe space for young ladies to be able to connect with other young ladies from across the Island and learn some of the necessary skills to better themselves in their community.

Some of the workshops that the ladies have participated in are self- esteem building, conflict resolution, healthy relationships seminars in HIV awareness.


Kari Katts, Councillor for Camp Glow

She said they also had to demonstrate  real life conflict resolution by making new friends and being put into a highly excitable and slightly stressful at times situation here at the camp.

She says she is proud of how the girls handled themselves, and it is hoped that the young ladies, go out into their communities and share what they have learnt and help others.

They have had the support of both local and international organizations.

The Peace for World movement – a non-profit organization, initiated by Dr. St. Jean, partners with persons in Canada, Florida, Japan and Jamaica, as well as the United States.

According to Dr. St. Jean, the aim is to provide persons with information that would help them increase the quality of their lives.

Dr. St. Jean said he has contributed over 17 years of work on the grounds in Dominica working with people to help reduce suffering and improve quality of life.


Dr. Petier St. Jean, initiator of the Peace for World Movement – a non- profit Organization

He said the “Better me better you” program is something that he developed with his team to be able provide young persons; adults and elders with information that will help them increase not decrease the quality of their lives.

During the summer programme, topics including; moral leadership development, healthy relationships, rape, sexual intercourse and health oriented issues, were discussed.

He reminded the participants that success happens when preparation meets with opportunity.


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