Two Cases Dismissed at The Magistrates Court

jumpinglawyerA matter against one defendant was dismissed for want of prosecution and another reprimanded and discharged, after they each appeared before a Roseau.

Magistrate, charged with possession of cannabis.

Officers of the Police drug squad, during a stop and search had arrested Isaiah St. Ville of Bath Estate on 5th April 2014, at River Street for possession of 6 grams of cannabis.

St. Ville pleaded guilty. However, the case was dismissed, after Magistrate Bernard Pacquette heard the facts and said that there was no evidence of reasonable suspicion and therefore concluded that St. Ville was a victim of an unlawful search.

St. Ville was then reprimanded and discharged.

Meanwhile Kelsey Guy of Goodwill walked out of Court smiling after the Magistrate scolded the prosecution, accusing them of “gross misconduct.”

Guy too was arrested on 5th April 2014, on the Goodwill Link road and charged with possession of cannabis and pleaded guilty.

Before the facts were presented to Magistrate Pacquette one of the prosecutors, Corporal Andrew, added details to the facts to indicate that there was reasonable suspicion to search the defendant.

“This is gross misconduct”, the Magistrate scolded. “You cannot add details to the facts to suit the occasion at last minute.”

He then asked that the charge be re-read to the defendant and directed him to plead not guilty.

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