Two Homes Burnt in Fire at Donkey Beach

The quick thinking of an on duty security guard prevented a building he was guarding, which stores computer equipment, from catching on fire on Saturday March 2nd 2013; however two homes were completely destroyed by the fire.

Mr. Dorian Paquette says, he was on duty when at about 10:45 am he noticed flames and smoke outside of the building. He immediately ran outside to investigate.


One of the homes that was burnt in the fire at Donkey Beach

When he saw the fire approaching the building, he ran for pails of water in an effort to extinguish the fire. He said when he saw the fire was intensifying he called the Fire Department.

Mr. Julius Valerie who works in the area, and rents one of the two homes which were burnt, says he is devastated by this unfortunate incident as it will affect him negatively, especially as he would use the home to relax during his breaks.

He said he will surely miss this home, as it was situated in a cool area by the sea near his place of employment.

Mr. Valerie stated he is convinced that, a well-known criminal who has been frequently in and out of prison, is the one who set the homes on fire.

Other reports indicate that there was a fire on the beach burning early in the morning, however investigations on the scene showed no possible way the fire could have got out of control to ignite the homes.


Mr. Julius Valerie, an employee from the area

Police officers arrived on the scene shortly after the fire was extinguished.

So this incident may result in an arson investigation.

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