Two Persons Injured in Accident at Brizee’s Mart


Nissan Pickup Involved in Accident

Over the weekend, two individuals were rushed to the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), following what eyewitnesses say was ‘a very weird accident’.

The incident occurred on the premises of Brizee’s Mart Supermarket, just after 12:00pm on Saturday August 3rd, where an out of control vehicle knocked down two persons.

Reports are that, an individual was performing some mechanical work on his Nissan pickup, registration number 9644, in front of the cafeteria.  He then started the vehicle and it drove over a concrete barrier, plunging into a crowd of unsuspecting individuals.

One lady was hit by the van, while a man who tried lying down, to avoid being run over was trapped under.

Many other individuals, who thought quickly when they noticed the van coming, escaped with minor scrapes and bruises.

“The van was idling very high during the time, so when it was started it just ran away”, said one eyewitness, who was amazed at how fast the incident unfolded.

According to the eyewitness, he helped lift the vehicle to remove the man who was trapped under, before he was transported to the Hospital.

At this time, the extent of injuries to the two individuals are not known.

The incident also caused damage to benches outside the cafeteria and the building.

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