Two Winnings from Big Four Jackpot


(woman in black shirt) Andrelina Fontaine, and Archibald Samuel (orange shirt)

The consistency in playing the Big Four of the Dominica National Lottery (DNL) has landed Archibald Samuel a comfortable sum.

The Jack pot winner was handed his $100,000.00 dollar check at the lottery’s office on Tuesday September 10th,

He played $20 worth of the same number, 2097, and has been using this number from the inception of the game in March this year.

The ticket was bought at Caripot Trading in Roseau; Mr. Samuel said most of the winnings came from this organization.

The winner of the $10,400.00, Andrelina Fontaine said she is very excited to be a winner.

Ms. Fontaine spent $4.00 on the winning number.


Archibald Samuel

This is the first time since its inception that Big Four has had winners of this scale in both St. Lucia and Dominica.

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