U.S. Trainers help Athletes and Basket Ballers around the Island

A team of seven officials from Global Strategies for Athletes and Basketball, based in the United States is currently on Island.

During visits to various schools in and around Roseau, the team taught students the fundamentals of basketball and other sports.

Thus far following interactions with the students have been great, as the students are very receptive, said Mr. Sladek.

He added, the long term goal of this project is to have their staff stationed in Dominica, who will engage in the continued training of coaches and athletes.

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, Mr. Simeon Lang, says it is very important that athletes are in top physical condition, in order to reach their full potential in any sport they play.

He pointed out, some of the challenges faced when training athletes.

“Nutrition is also vital, as athletes require a lot of energy to fuel their high intense work outs, or when they are playing their respective sports, “said Mr. Lang.

Mr. Ryan Livingston – a Basketball Coach stated, it is very important to educate athletes on personal development, which plays a vital role in their conduct.

He added, athletes have to love the sport they play or else, it will be very difficult for them to excel.


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