UNICEF Launches Phase 2 of Birth Registration Catch up Campaign

catch upOn Wednesday January 22nd, UNICEF officially launched phase 2 of their Birth Registration Catch Up Campaign. The Birth Registration Project is funded by the United Nations Children Fund and coordinated by FDCC.

Senior Executive in the Registry Ms. Debbie Baptist, says the aim of the project is to have the complete registration of all children born in Dominica.

Ms. Baptist added that the project is a collective effort and is being undertaken in St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

She said that they are aware that the birth certificate is the primary source document which guarantees individuals identity.

Permanent Secretary for Tourism and Legal Affairs Ms. Claudia Bellot made mention that in November 2011, Phase one of the project began.

Ms. Bellot added there were several activities achieved which included all the training workshops that were held for the village council clerks.


Senior Executive Officer in Registry , Ms. Debbie Baptist

Registrar Mr. Ossie Walsh, presented statistics of the amount of children that are unregistered. He says every single child, regardless of their gender; race or ethnicity has the right to be registered at birth.

The denial of this right by acts of commission is the denial of a child’s most fundamental right.

The Catch Up Campaign is part of an overall regional process, aimed at achieving universal and free and timely registration of children by 2015.

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