United Workers Party (Uwp) Officials Concerned with Poverty in Dominica

Norris Prevost

Parliamentary representative for Roseau Central Mr. Norris Prevost, says the United Workers Party (UWP) along with himself are worried about what they say is a high level of poverty in Dominica.

Mr. Prevost says “Today Dominica has fallen back into the deepest poverty ever in our generation, and our people no longer feel proud to be Dominicans”.

Mr. Prevost pointed out that when you have high poverty levels in a country it indicates the lack of employment, and agriculture in these belts have declined and continue to decline.

He added that the 2012/2013 budget small statistics have been reported by the government to show minimal growth in agriculture however the truth is agriculture is below the level that is required to bring Dominicans out of poverty.

Mr. Prevost says that when the United Workers Party was in power they had a success “Free school books program” which had it been continued today all school children would get the books they need for school free of charge however it is sad that this program was discontinued by the Labour Party Administration.

UWP.jpgHe added everyday parents come to him pleading for assistance to send their children to school, since they do not get the help they need after going to the Ministry of Education which is not forthcoming.

Mr. Prevost pointed out that the UWP is pledging to significantly reduce poverty if it is given the opportunity to govern the country, and is on a mission to rebuild Dominica.

He added government is spending millions of dollars in investing in the wrong areas and are not getting value for money, making special mention to the State House project which Dominicans do not get the chance to gain employment on such projects.

Mr. Prevost says in order to grow Dominica’s economy the government needs to make significant investments in areas such as agriculture and tourism which will attract private sector investments, which will provide many jobs for the unemployed person which in turn will reduce poverty.

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