Universal Children’s Day Concert

Convent Secondary School Students

As part of Universal Children’s Day activities in Dominica, the Social Welfare Division held a concert on Thursday November 2nd at the Awarak House of Culture.

The theme for this year is “Stop Violence against Children…Real Men Don’t”

The concert was geared at displaying the needs of children and helping the men in particular to respect those needs and not violate their trust.

Ms. Candice Benjamin recited a spoken word piece that explained the seriousness of crimes of violence against children and what the consequences are.

St. Luke’s Primary School

The St. Luke’s Primary School came on with a cultural performance in patois. They encouraged parents to love their children, look after them and report anyone who violates their children’s rights.

This was the main message throughout the week of activities for Universal Children’ Day.

And lastly there was a dance performance by Ms. Jadzia Colaire about how violence against children affects them dramatically.

She wants everyone to know that violence hurts and it should end today.

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