Upcoming Activities for Love One Teach One


Director of “Love One Teach One” , Ms. Gloria Walsh

Many youth earn their living on the streets and move in gangs.

They have become hardened by their environment and are used to a very rough life.

Sociologists describe this community as “fractured” since its inhabitants do not have a say in the decisions taken regarding their society, and because they do not have definite roles to play.

Director of “Love One Teach One” Ms. Gloria Walsh, says this is why it is important to nurture the underprivileged, rather than discriminating them.

Ms. Walsh together with the help with other institutions hosted a dinner last month for the underprivileged.

She explained that as time goes by, the current children will graduate from the programme and younger ones will begin. Therefore, she sees it fit for the dinner to become an annual event.

According to Ms. Walsh, there are many interesting upcoming activities for Love One Teach One this year.

She said the activities will kick off with after school programmes followed by their annual Fund Day on January 20th.

Ms. Walsh says she remembers how she got involved in this field like it was yesterday.

She explained that she always had a knack for helping the less fortunate.

One of her main issue is that she believes there is a lack of volunteerism within our society.
Ms. Walsh can be contacted on mobile number 276 3129.

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