Upcoming St. Jospeh Counselor wants the Litter to Stop


Upcoming Counselor for St. Joseph, Mr. Aaron Lebruin.

The alleged statement that St. Joseph is one of the poorest villages in Dominica has aggravated most of its residents, especially upcoming counselor Mr. Aaron Lebruin.

The last village election was held on March 6th 2013, and Mr. Lebruin is one of the elected members.

Mr. Lebruin who is also known as “the voice”, says that the moment has come, where a St. Joseph Resident needs to speak on the entire aspect of the village being one of the poorest.

He said, St. Joseph was once categorized as the cleanest community in Dominica and received awards for that recognition on three consecutive occasions.

However, individuals should understand that the Government of Dominica cannot ensure that everything is accomplished for them.

He is appealing to St. Joseph residents, to begin helping themselves rather than depending on the Government as well as adding further unnecessary stress.

St. Joseph is one of the complete communities and we need to maintain the facilities to keep it that way he added.

St. Joseph consists of too many abandon houses. Mr. Lebruin noted, it does not matter if the owner or landlord is in Dominica or abroad, these houses need to be demolished.

He added, he is not accepting the position as “village council” to fire anyone. However, if you are paid to do a job, you should do it well and let others see that you are.

Mr. Lebruin says, it is time that his Parliamentary Representative Hon. Kelvar Darroux, takes a break from these minor issues.


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