Update: Black Sigatoka

Head of Plant Protection and Quarantine Services, Mr. Ryan Anselm

Head of Plant Protection and Quarantine Services Mr. Ryan Anselm says, since the introduction of Black Sigatoka in July of this year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has implemented an integration strategy.

Mr. Anselm stated that the Ministry of Agriculture is also working with various organizations and research institutions.

He says through their implementation plan, they have successfully sprayed a fungicide to approximately 2 acres of plantains and bananas.

In addition, Mr. Anselm is advising the farmers to continue their vigorous programme in terms on sanitation.

Mr. Anselm noted that, presently our plantains and bananas meet the requirements for Antigua, St. Kitts and St. Martin market.

He says they are also in the process of developing a code of conduct for the exportation of plantains.

Mr. Anselm added that, because of Black Sigatoka’s aggressiveness, it will take more resources to manage it.

However, he says he is confident with the farmers of Dominica to do the necessary cultural practices.


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