UPDATE: Cuban Ambassador Speaks on the Blockade Imposed by the U.S


Cuban Ambassador, Ms. Juana Elena Ramos Rodriguez

Cuban Ambassador Ms. Juana Elena Ramos Rodriguez, says although the blockade imposed by the U.S Government in Cuba has not changed for over 50 years, it has intensified.

Ms. Rodriguez noted, that the Obama Administration has been characterized. She added, that this extraterritorial nature of blockade is expressed in different ways including the prohibition of US Companies based in the other countries, that conduct transactions and contracts with Cuban Companies.

Previously, the Cuban Ambassador stated that the Cuban Embassy has always commended the Dominican Government for the support it has offered to the Cuban Resolution.

She says today, the support received from the Dominican Government remains the same.

She along with the Cuban Embassy, extends their heartfelt gratitude to the Government of Dominica.

In relation to the new laws, measures and regulations which were implemented in Cuba last year, Ms. Rogriguez apprised that it has been extremely beneficial for the Cuban Residents as well as the country.

However, the new laws and regulations which were implemented do not have any relation to the blockade imposed by the U.S Government.

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