Update in Massacre on Road Situtation

Storm Ophelia 2011

“Something needs to be done!”
These were the words of Massacre residents. Since the effects of Storm Ophelia which occurred on September 28th 2011, certain things were promised to the Massacre Residents and work is yet to be done.

Parliamentary Representative of the Massacre and Mahaut Constituency Mr. Rayburn Blackmore promised a road since the steps had to be broken down after the dreadful damages.

A wall was promised as well to protect the residents and their homes in case of another flashflood.

Residents fear that their lives may be in danger since we are in the rainy season. They mentioned that the only reason they are alive right now is because the storm occurred during the late afternoon and not at night.

Apart from the wall pending situation, the steps which were broken down to build a main road is yet to be paved, and when it rains it becomes dangerous to everyone within the community.

Yes, vehicles can access the roads however, it is not completed.
The Massacre residents are urging for the wall to be built at least.

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