UPDATE: Launch of Bishop’s Book, “A Decade of Grace”


Bishop Gabriel Malzaire

“A decade of grace” written by Bishop Gabriel Malzaire, was officially launched on October 4th.

The book is a compilation of all his homilies preached over the last 10 years, as well as important messages which addresses many aspects of people’s lives.

Although the Bishop was unable to give an accurate figure as to how many books were sold so far, he did mention a few places his book was shipped to.

Places include: Canada, United States, Rome, Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean.

Locally, books have been sold within various Parishes and are still being sold.

Bishop Malzaire says the feedback on his book has been positive and hopes it remains this way.

He noted that he will continue to compile his homilies although he is thinking of various religious topics that he thinks are pertinent to people in terms of their faith.

The bishop says he has already begun to look at themes that are of interest to the public which he wants to develop into a book.

 Launch of Bishop’s Book, “A Decade of Grace”


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