Update: Massacre’s Wall And Road Project

footage of roadContractors and those who volunteered their assistance, continue to work feverishly to complete the wall and road project in Massacre.

On Tuesday 27th September 2011, a flash flood occurred due to Storm Ophelia which left many individuals homeless.

Resident’s homes were damaged and resulted in their belongings being lost and destroyed.

Although the coast of Dominica was the most severely affected, Massacre had its fair share of suffering.

When the project commenced in November 2012, the men were spilt into two teams.

The first team worked at the top of the road where the flashflood occurred, and the other team worked at the end.

The wall has been completed at the top where the flash flood occurred as well as the entrance.

On Monday 14th 2013, the road was broken in half for the last section of the wall.

Although the wall is being built and residents’ minds can now be at ease, some still complain about the condition of the road.

footage of wallBefore the road was broken in half, it was already dangerous when walking downhill.

Presently, it has become even more dangerous especially when it rains, due to the road being narrow previously and now, it is worst.

Residents are thankful that the project is in progress and are anxious for the completion.

SAT  News will provide you with an update when the project is completed.

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