Update on bus strike in Soufriere

soufriere.jpgMany persons from the communities of Soufriere, Gallion and Scotts Head found themselves hitching rides on private vehicles this morning, as the bus drivers who operate these bus routes decided to go into a second day of strike action.


Public Relations Officer for the Soufriere, Scotts Head Bus Service Mr. Fitz Jno Lewis says, although there was some work done on the road as a result of their strike action, there is no one working on the road today.


Mr. Jno Lewis says, unless they have not heard from government to notify them that, the work will commence today to have it completed, they will not return to work.


He also added that at this point only two bus drivers are operating the route, but all others are on strike.


The Public Relations Officer pointed out, workers were only sent to work on the road yesterday after their protest actions.


The bus drivers have been on strike action since Wednesday May 2nd, as their concerns for improved road conditions to ensure the safety of the passengers they carry each day.


They also said that, the deplorable road conditions are damaging their vehicles, which has been costing them a lot of money to repair for years.

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