Update on gas shortage

Dominicans can now breathe a sigh of relief, as there is no gas shortage, and there is enough gas for circulation, a top government official has advised.


In an exclusive interview with sat TV, trade officer in the ministry of employment, trade, industry and Diaspora affairs, Mr. Ronnie Guiste says, the reason for this gas this situation, is because of an impending strike between the Trinidad owned oil company, petro trin and the oil fields trade union of Trinidad and Tobago.


However, Mr. Guiste said the strike was averted, one day before it had to take place

Mr. Guiste says there is no reason for motorists to panic, and create long lines at the gas stations, as the gas situation is under control.


Mr. Guiste went on to say, the fuel supplied to the gas stations island wide, are sufficient to ensure there is and will be no shortage of fuel in Dominica, till the shipping schedule returns to normal.


The trade officer also said that, there is no and will not be any shortage of cooking gas, as the only company without cooking gas is petro Caribe

The next shipment of fuel to Dominica is March 1st.


This message is in response to the rumor, of a gas shortage on Monday February 27th, which resulted in persons panicking and queued long lines, at various gas stations to fill their tanks.

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