Update on Tourism Activities


Minister of Tourism, Honorable Ian Douglas

The Discover Dominica Authority (DDA), on Thursday March 28th, updated the media with various tourism activities within the Tourism Industry.

Minister of Tourism  Honorable Ian Douglas, reminded the public of their mission which is to travel to Florida to meet with a number of cruise lines that have been “calling on Dominica”.

Mr. Douglas says another area that was discussed, was the implementation of an access strategy for Dominica.

A month ago, the access strategy conference was held and all issues affecting access into the country were viewed.

Colin Piper, Director of DDA, added that they are focusing on the marketing strategy for Dominica.


Colin Piper, Director of DDA

Mr. Piper says the consultants have proposed that in order for Dominica to remain sustainable in the Tourism Industry, we need ninety-thousand stay over visitors by 2015.

Some of the plans highlighted include; The completion of the Roseau River Promenade, the vendors arcade in Roseau, amongst others.

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