Upward mobility in the Dominica Police Force


Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Police Force Inspector Claude Weekes believes that the recent upward mobility in the Dominica Police Force should serve as a catalyst in motivating the entire force.


Just late last month several officers were promoted to the ranks of Inspectors, Sergeants and corporals.


He said “a few people have been promoted and have been given acting appointments…as you might have already known Mr. Cyril Carrette has been promoted to Acting Chief of Police since September; however his appointment is expected to end in March 2011.”


“Mr. Daniel Carbon who was Assistant Superintendent of Police is now the Deputy Acting Chief of Police while Mr. David Andrew is now Acting as Superintendent of Police along Mr. Gabriel St. Jean who was an Inspector,” explained Mr. Weekes.


He said that while some persons may be disappointed that they were not promoted, they should be cognizant of the fact that everyone cannot be promoted at once and should not allow this to deter them from performing their duties effectively.


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