“Urgent Care”, Better Equipped to Assist Dominicans


Dr. Samuel Christian

A new medical service has been opened to facilitate a more efficient health care service in Dominica. Dr. Samuel Christian, the head doctor at the office, says they are trying to fulfill the health requests of the public.

In an interview with SAT  news, Dr. Christian stated, that “Urgent Care”, is a facility that is very prevalent in developed countries. It is an intermediate status between the regular doctor’s office and the emergency room.

According to Dr. Christian, they are using technology to reduce the waiting time. Patients will be able to text their name, medical condition and age to the office’s cell phone at 613- 8345.  A date and time will then be texted back to patient as to when they can come in.

Several Dominicans complain about the amount of time spent at a doctor’s office for simple health issues, and with Urgent Care, this will eliminate the waiting process.

Thus far, patients are appreciating this initiative as well as the different services received.

Dr. Christian said by decreasing the waiting time, persons are able to perform other daily task.


The overall aim and objective, is to use the available technology to facilitate patient care.


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