Use of “Free Speech” Lands Man in Trouble with the Law

free-speech-banOne man’s use of free speech landed him in serious trouble, with the law.

Mr. Bernard Bannis of Paix Bouche, who previously pled guilty to the charge of threats, changed his plea to not guilty, when he asked the Court to re-read his charges to him.

He also pled not guilty to the charge of trespassing, after being warned to stay away from the premises of Ms. Veronica Ferrol.

Reports are that, Mr. Bannis also threatened Ms. Ferrol by saying and I quote, “I will chop your neck with a cutlass,” end quote.

The incidents took place on March 4th and 6th 2013 at Paix Bouche.

On Monday April 29th, he was remanded at the Stock Farm State Prison.

The trial is set to begin on June 4th 2013 at the Portsmouth Magistrate’s Court.

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