UWI Hosts Lecture on Economic Issues Relating to Managers


UWI Hosts Lecture on Economic Issues Relating to Managers

On Monday June 24th, the University of the West Indies hosted a lecture on Economic Issues relating to Managers at the UWI Open Campus.

Trinidad Resident, Mr. Azad N Hosein, conducted the lecture. This is his second time visiting Dominica and according to Mr. Hosein, individuals have different impressions on what Project Managing is all about.

“Among all the fields in management whether financial, production or personal management, the field which demands the highest skills is Project Management,” he added.

Mr. Hosein informed the participants that it took projects to build the Great Wall of China and Pyramids in Egypt which are still standing up to this day.

“The best way to define project Management, is to say that in every organization represented in this room, there are only two kinds of activities. Whether it be a Government, a manufacturing company, a hospital or funeral home, the two activities are the recurrent operating activities and development activities,” stated Mr. Hosein.


Trinidad Resident and Lecturer, Mr. Azad N Hosein

He noted, one of the fundamental weaknesses across all the CARICOM Governments today, relates to the performance of the public sector program.

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