UWI Hosts Lecture “Size and Survival in the Era of Globalization”

vlcsnap-2013-04-03-10h14m46s21“Size and Survival in the Era of Globalization” was the topic of a public lecture held on Tuesday April 2nd at the Fort Young Hotel by the University of the West Indies.

The topic originated from the lecturer Dr. Simon .B. Jones-Hendrickson’s book entitled “Essays on the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States “, who was the lecturer at the lecture.

Dr. Hendrickson, Professor of Economics at the University of the Virgin Islands, is a national of St. Kitts and Nevis.

He added that population can be manipulated. “Population can be massaged if we have laws which by default or design, that permit our overseas nationals to vote during our country’s election period”, he noted.

The Professor says these unrests question whether or not the states are economically viable.

Dr. Hendrickson noted, when we think about our part of the world, there are certain things we can characterized them under.

For instance, he used “the problem of trade and commercial factors” as an example.

Dr. Hendrickson, is extremely experienced in the field of literacy, and has written five novels and two volumes of poetry.

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