UWI Offers New Course

On Friday May 17th, UWI Open Campus launched the introduction of their Bachelors of Science in Social Work programme.

The program, which begins in August of 2013 is especially designed with three exit points; the certificate, diploma and the bachelor’s degree.  All courses in the programme will be offered online, blended or face-to-face.

Students enrolled in the program will learn to demonstrate an understanding of roles and values of social work and apply social work principles in their professional practice.

Welfare Officer of the Social Welfare Division, Mrs. Delia Gidding-Stedman claimed, with the knowledge she has gained, she is better able to separate her moral values during intervention and assessment of cases, using an independent approach.

The Welfare Officer said, when she reflected on the qualities of a social worker, she realized the need to have trained social workers on staff of all institutions, particularly at schools, hospitals and social services.

She went on to say, her practical experience at the Acute Psychiatric Unit, has changed her perspective on persons with mental illness. She is impressed with the multi-disciplinary approach that is being used at the Unit to assist patients in the recovery process by involving the families and the wider community.

In closing Ms. Gidding-Stedman highlighted one of the core values in the code of ethics of social work.

Mr. Oliver Wallace, Counselor at the Social Welfare Division, said doing the programme at UWI made his work a lot easier.

Social work also involves interaction between people and institutions, an area which is seriously lacking attention, he said.

Mrs. Esther Thomas, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs, asked potential students to take advantage of the programme as it will afford them a good opportunity.


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