UWI Won Debate Against DCS


Ms. Abigail Durand

“The Caribbean Court of Justice is a better final Court of Appeal for Dominica than the Privy Council, This was the topic for debate at the Public Service Union On Thursday April 4th, between the University of the West Indies open Campus and the Dominica State College.

The University of the West Indies (UWI) open Campus represented by Ms. Abigail Durand and MS. Cornelia Charles, on the proposing side succeeded against the Dominica State College (DSC) by twenty-three points.

Both teams had a challenging debate on their respective sides; The UWI pair achieved 270 points, whilst the DSC represented by Ms. José Thomas and Mr. Lyndon Auguiste scored 247 points respectively.

Ms. Durand who is pursuing a BSC in Management studies at UWI was awarded best speaker.

Ms. Durand said the CCJ will contribute to a uniformed jurisprudence for the region by providing legislature that is relevant and unique to the region,”

She stressed that creating a federal court system will provide an important building block for a strong regional integration movement, which will serve to enhance the effectiveness of CARICOM.

Ms. José Thomas on the opposing side argued that the Privy Council is more capable of managing the legal affairs of the court of Dominica.

Ms. Thomas associated the CCJ to the Titanic ship for emphasis that the Privy Council is more suitable for court matters. She said we all know how the Titanic ship ends.

The judges for the debate were Mrs. Wynant Adrien Roberts, Ms. Dionne Durand and Mr. Nigel Lawrence who judged based on use of evidence, soundness of arguments, organization of material, effectiveness of delivery and summation.

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