UWP Leaders Want Answers on Liat Issue

Hon. Edison James

These were the words of Leader of the United Workers Party, Honourable Edison James in responding to the government of Dominica pumping eight million dollars, to the embattled regional airline Liat.

Mr. James says though Liat is important to the Caribbean, Mr. Skerrit needs to come clean to the people of Dominica on the details of this cash donation.

Mr. James pointed that these eight million dollars may have been a payment as a result of the night landing arrangement at the Melville Hall Airport, where Liat have complained of having difficulty of increased costs in providing this service to Dominica.

He added that Liat raised the issue to the government of Dominica, on how they can be compensated for the extra costs for this arrangement.

Mr. James pointed out that the budget for 2012 to 2013 is supposed to be coming up very soon, so Mr. Skerrit could have waited and obtained approval from Parliament on such a decision, rather than spending the money and then going to Parliament for supplementary approval, which is the wrong way of doing things.

The Leader of the UWP also added that Electoral Reform is still on the table, which needs to be addressed.

He also added say since April, the opposition wrote to the Chairman of Dominica Broadcasting Cooperation (DBS) so that the UWP could have a regular radio program on the station, but only one month after they received a response from the Chairman saying the idea is being considered by the Board of Directors.

Mr. James says that three months into the initial and they have not received any response.

He went on to say the Electoral Commission made a request of 5.2 million dollars to the Minister of Finance, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit to put voter ID cards in place and nothing has been done.

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