Large Turn-out for UWP Protest Against Presidential Nomination

UWP Protest

A crowd of supporters of the Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) all gathered outside the Inland Revenue Building, which was the closest they could get to Parliament for a public meeting with the UWP.

This meeting was held as Parliament was in session for the delivering of what was said to be the resignation letter of the current president His Excellency Nicholas J.O. Liverpool, who Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit stated is ill and cannot continue as President.

However numerous members of the Opposition said this process is illegal, as the Prime Minister sought to elect a new President before the current President submitted his resignation letter to the Speaker of the House of Assembly Ms. Alix Boyd-Kinght, which is going against the constitution and is illegal as stated under section 119 of the constitution.

Leader of the Opposition United Workers Party Honourable Edison James, who spoke before what he described as a strong crowd of supports says, we the citizens of Dominica must stand up for our rights and not allow leaders to do as they wish in wrong doings.

Mr. James urged the supporters that they cannot stay silent but have to speak out to ensure that they stand up for the constitution of Dominica, to let Mr. Skerrit know that what he is doing is wrong and will not be tolerated.

Mr. James posed a challenge to Mr. Skerrit to name the several Caribbean lawyers who said what he is doing is ok, so the Dominican public can know who they are.

He also added that not even the Senior Counsel and the Government’s Lawyer Anthony Astaphan is prepared to come out publicly, to put whatever little reputation he has on the line to say what Mr. Skerrit is doing is right.

Senator Ezekiel Bazil says this current process of appointing the new President is a direct attack on the constitution and the people of Dominica, and we need to stand for our rights.

Senator Bazil added that we must all unite against the illegal activities that are going on with this Labour Party Government, to effect change which is no longer an option but a must.

Investigative Journalist Mr. Lennox Linton, said that the Speaker of the House in Parliament on Monday September 17th, said that she received a nomination and acceptance of the nomination, then a letter from the current President His Excellency Nicholas J.O. Liverpool.

However, to his amazement the letter was not read, so there is no way to verify if she indeed receive a letter from the President.

Mr. Linton added that the swearing in ceremony for the new President is also illegal, while advising the crowd that they must work towards change.

Last week Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit made it clear that Dominica will have a new president by Monday, September 17, despite the fact that the UWP has insisted that the nomination process was unconstitutional.

The Government and the opposition have been at loggerheads since it was announced that the nation’s current President, Dr. Nicholas J.O. Liverpool, is to demit office early due to ill health which many question the authenticity of this excuse.

The Government nominated former public servant, Eluid Williams for the post.


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