UWP Public Meeting

The Public flocked the streets of Roseau on the night of Monday September 10th as the United Workers Party (UWP) held a public meeting in order to address their concerns, regarding the nomination of a new president for Dominica.

Leader of UWP, Mr. Edison James

Leader of the UWP Mr. Edison James stated that the constitution has 10 chapters and interestingly, Chapter 1 talks about the protection of fundamental rights and freedom.

Mr. James says the question to Dominicans should be; “if we violate and ignore anyone of these provisions of the constitution, how can we be certain that we will abide with the other provisions of the constitution?”

He added that Dr. Lennox Honychurch said to the UWP, if they do not care about the constitution then the Leaders will do what they feel with them.

Mr. James believes that the Prime Minister’s arrogance will not allow him to admit that he made a mistake in public.

He also stated that Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit basically does what he wants whenever he feels like it and it is time that the public speak out.

Leader of the Opposition Mr. Hector John says he wants to see documentary evidence indicating that the President has resigned.

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