UWP responds to Skerrit’s budget

At a public meeting in Lagon Roseau Monday night, in replying to the Skerrit’s Government 2011/1012 budget, Member of Parliament for Roseau Central, Hon. Norris Prevost charged that the symptoms coming out of the budget point to the Dominican economy heading right back to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


According to the Roseau MP, whilst the Prime Minister and the other Government Ministers tried to paint a rosy picture, an objective analysis of the 2011/2012 budget reveals a looming, gloomy and frightening picture.


Mr Prevost said that Government finances are deteriorating rapidly while budget deficits are back.


In support of his claim, Prevost quoted  excerpts from the Prime Minister’s budget speech which pointed out that overall balance is in deficit of $28.7-million. This figure, he says, also includes grants.

The UWP also addressed the issue of Voter I.D Cards and Electoral Reform, two areas of concern they believe that the government refuse to make provisions for, in the recent budget.

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