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UWP Leader, Lennox Linton

At the recently concluded Jobs and Economic Growth forum, hosted by the United Workers Party (UWP), Party Leader, Mr. Lennox Linton says, under the new framework of his administration, the country will see the creation of 5,000 new jobs, after 3 years in office.

The forum, held at the Fort Young Hotel on Thursday October 31st, outlined the plans of the Party’s framework to grow the economy and to create jobs.

Mr. Linton says together they will develop and grow a model green economy that rewards enterprise, puts people to work for decent wages, gives a fair chance to all and secures Dominica a place in the global trade of goods and services.

“Together we will embark on a comprehensive air and sea access initiative to include the development of an international airport, the modernization of our Sea Ports, a Dominica based airline and a high speed ferry service”, he explained.

vlcsnap-2013-10-31-17h00m10s140The party will work on the platform of improving the quality of governance by eliminating waste and inefficiency in government spending and optimizing public sector investment resources.

The drivers of this new economy he says, will be agriculture – looking closely into its potential and the range of opportunities it offers, as well as tourism, light manufacturing and Information Technology.

The forum was organized in an effort to aid the party in developing a more concise form of action, as they continue the process of putting together a solid team with a solid plan.


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