UWP stage silent protest outside of Parliament

This is what the scene looked like when the United Workers Party staged what they called a ‘peaceful protest’ outside of parliament on November 29th, 2010, after the Opposition members and Senators walked out of the Seventh Meeting of Parliament.


Angry protesters joined the UWP Parliamentarians and members, who assembled near the DOWASCO building on High Street with placards, calling for the resignation of both Mr Charles Savarin and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and for the Speaker of the House of Assembly Alix Boyd-Knights to execute her duties fairly.


Opposition leader Honorable Hector John said that the Speaker of the House of Assembly continues to unlawfully alter their questions on the order paper; a matter which he believes needs serious attention.


UWP member for the Mahaut Constituency, Ronnie Isidore called on supporters to rally with the party, as they continue to fight for democracy.


Police officers on duty were forced to call for reinforcement after protesters broke through the barricades and marched past the parliament building into the city of Roseau. 

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