UWP to hold Meeting with Electoral Office

Deputy Leader of the United Workers Party, Claudius Sanford

Deputy Leader of the United Workers Party, Claudius Sanford

Speaking with Claudius Sanford, Deputy Political Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), he revealed that the UWP is concerned with a range of issues related to Dominica’s “readiness” for Free & Fair General Elections.

“…we have questions for the Commission regarding processes and readiness for the election”, he said.

In a letter to the Electoral Commission, dated June 11th 2014, the UWP stated “we look forward to your response, and thank you in advance for your efforts toward ensuring a free and fair General Election in Dominica.”

Sanford said the Commission has had sufficient time to prepare for the electoral process, adding that the Antiguan Government registered their entire population in a matter of 3 months and realized 93 percent voter turnout.

On Wednesday June 18th, six members of the UWP management team will meet with the Electoral Commission for an Emergency Meeting to discuss several of their concerns.

During the meeting, the UWP would have addressed major issues including cleansing of the Voters List, Multi-Purpose Voter ID Cards and the operations of Registering Officers in some specific constituencies.

The Deputy Leader concluded that the Party is looking seriously into any illegal practices in terms of registration of voters and that the democratic process for the advancement of our country need to be preserved.


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